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Schedules, Scores, Team listings

Please note, once schedules are posted, the schedules are then FINAL. 


2023 Girls Accepted Teams: HERE (posted 10/17)

2023 Girls Schedule: (posted 11/1 @ 3:15 pm)

2023 Boys Accepted Teams:  HERE (posted 10/25)

2023 Boys Schedule:  HERE (posted 11/7)


Notes about the bracketing process:

The Fallston Cup Committee does not use GotSoccer points as our primary placement analytic.

GotSoccer points begin at U11.  Because many of our teams play in the CMSA league, which doesn't participate in GotSoccer, some teams may have only a few GotSoccer games listed in their account.  For example, if a U11 team went 3-1 in a single tournament this season, this gives them a 75% win percentage and an outstanding GotSoccer ranking. This ranking may be misleading in terms of the strength of competition they faced and the level of team they may be.


Due to these factors, The Fallston Cup Committee uses current league, level of play within that league, goals for and against, and this season's tournament data that we can find.  GotSoccer data is not ignored, rather it is used to round out the bigger picture of a team.  We spend many hours researching, debating, and ranking teams.  
Don't be hesitant to register early to avoid being wait-listed.  If your season doesn't go the way you planned, we use the data as our primary placement, not the level you originally selected.  We pride ourselves on customer service, so reach out after registering if you have concerns going into our bracketing process which begins immedietly after registration closes.

The Fallston Cup Committee's end goal is to group the teams that have registered for our tournament into the best groups of competition that we can make.  It is not an exact science and we work very hard to make your experience here challenging and fun.  The Fallston Cup has existed for over 25 years because of the many volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes.  Thank you for choosing the Fallston Cup and we can't wait to see you on the fields! 




2022 Girls Accepted Teams: HERE

2022 Girls Schedule: posted 11/1 @ 3:45 pm:

2022 Boys Accepted Teams:  posted 11/7 HERE

2022 Boys Schedule:  released 11/6, posted 11/7:


2021 Girls Accepted Teams: HERE

2021 Girls Schedule: HERE (posted 11/3/21)

2021 Boys Accepted Teams:  HERE

2021 Boys Schedule:  HERE (posted 11/7/21)


2020 Girls Accepted Teams:  Here

2020 Girls Schedule: HERE (cancelled due to pandemic field closures 11/12/20)

2020 Boys Accepted Teams:  Here

2020 Boys Schedule:  none published (cancelled due to pandemic field closures 11/12/20)


2019 Girls Accepted Teams:  HERE

2019 Girls Schedule:  HERE

2019 Boys Accepted Teams:  HERE

2019 Boys Schedule:  HERE


2018 Girls Accepted Teams:  HERE

2018 Girls Schedule:  HERE

2018 Boys Accepted Teams:  HERE

2018 Boys Schedule:  HERE