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1st and 2nd Place Teams:

The Fallston Cup awards individual trophies to players on both first and second place teams.


The Baltimore Blast invites all 1st and 2nd place teams each year to "a Night of Champions" where teams get to walk onto the field suring the opening ceremonies before the game.


Typically, the "Night of Champions" occurs at a Baltimore Blast game in either mid-December or early January.  Teams are asked to place one order to ensure that the team can sit together.


1st and 2nd place teams recieve an e-mail after the Fallston Cup with the info needed to register.  Please e-mail for more info.





Historical Info:

2019 Fallston Cup Invitation for 1st and 2nd Place teams for Saturday, January 4, 2020

Baltimore Blast Night


Fallston Cup 2010            

 Fallston Cup Awards


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