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2020 Fallston Soccer Season

Local families, click HERE to register and/or log in to your SportsSignup account.


2020 In-house and travel registration is closed. 


Update 8/13/2020
At this point in our 2020 soccer season, travel teams have been practicing for about a month and our in-house teams will start practices this Monday, 8/17.
This e-mail summarizes the actions and information related to COVID-19 for each family participating in travel and in-house programs.
Complete a "COVID Understanding of Risk" Form:  Each family must complete this form for each player in order to begin practice.
     TRAVEL: families completed this prior to try-outs and no further action is needed.
     IN HOUSE: families should watch for a follow-up e-mail with this link to complete an online form
The Fallston Soccer program, working with the Fallston Recreation Council Board, is communicating the procedures in place related to the COVID-19 health concerns.  Fallston Soccer is grateful for the privilege of playing and these procedures are in place to promote community safety for all players and families.
In order to keep the fields open, these procedures are not suggestions - they are required.  We are aware that health department officials are spot checking fields to ensure adherence to the ighest standards of public safety.  Please take the following information seriously.
*Families should perform a temperature check of all children and adults at home prior to attending practice or games.  A temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher is considered a fever and all children and parents should not attend any Fallston Soccer activities
*If you child or anyone else in your household does not feel wekk - please stay home
*If your child or anyone else in your household has been exposed to COVID-19, we have a policy in place for reporting in our orgainization.  You can read the Fallston Rec Council (FRC) COVID-19 reporting poilcy at:
*All coaches, players, and spectators must wear a mask when walking to and from thier vehicle
*Spectators on or near the field sidelines should social distance, 6 ft separation.  If unable to maintain a 6 ft separation, a mask must be worn.
*Masks are stongly encouraged off the field of play for all attendees.
*Coaches will spread players out on the sideline to maintain a 6 ft social distance (using cones or some other markers).  Players will return to these socially distanced locations during water breaks.
*No huddles
*No high-fives
*Players should bring thier own ball.  If coach provided soccer balls are used, they should be cleaned after practice if handled.
*All pinnies are washed after every practice if used.
*Goalies must have thier own gloves to handle the ball.  No glove sharing.
*No sharing water bottles.
*No "team treats" snacks/food provided after practice or games.
*Please limit the number of attendees.  At this time, there is no mandated 1-1 rule, but should sidelines become crowded, we reserve the right to limit the number of spectators allowed, or ban spectators from the sidelines completely.
If you have concerns regarding COVID-19, pelase go to our website, and click on the BOARD link to find an e-mail for our COVID coordinator or board members.
Our community's health is our priority and we must work together to ensure a great season.  Find out more about Maryland's COVID-19 response here:


Update 7/31/2020
We continue to be grateful for your adherence to our safety precautions.  Seeing the kids out on the field has been amazing!  In order to keep fields open, we must continue to be vigilant in following the guidelines in place.
Based on Governor Hogan's proclamation, as of July 31st, 2020 at 5 pm, we are updating our field requirements to include that any spectator that is not able to practice social distancing must wear a mask.  In addition, all coaches, players, and spectators should wear a mask when walking both to and from the car to the field.
We are not requiring players to wear masks while playing soccer.
Our coaches should continue to adhere to our prior announced social distancing guidelines: 
*cones spread 6' apart on the sidelines for gear to remain socially distanced
*no huddles
*no high-fives
*all balls cleaned after practice if handled
*all pinnies washed after practice if used
*goalies must have their own gloves to handle the ball
*parents 6' social distancing on the sidelines
*masks are strongly encouraged off the field of play
If your child, or anyone in your household, doesn't feel well - please stay home.  Our community's health is our priority and we must work together to ensure a great season.  Find more about Maryland's COVID-19 response here:
If your child or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19, we have a policy in place for reporting in our organization.  You can read our COVID-19 reporting policy at


Update 7/26/2020

Fallston Soccer will not run our U7 4v4 program this season due to COVID-19 procedures.  Players registered in the U7 program will be moved into the U8 program and play 7v7 this season.  Our U8 program will now consist of both 6 and 7 year olds.


The 4v4 program utilized a ladder system of play where all teams in the U7 program played each other each Saturday.  By eliminating the 4v4 program, we will greatly decrease the number of players in contact during Saturday game play.


Update 6/12/2020


Try-out Information Sheet uploaded to 2020 Tryout tab:  This document contains a lot of detail to help families know what to expect when arriving to try-outs.  Please discuss this Information Sheet with your child.


Covid Understanding Risk Form uploaded to 2020 Tryout tab:  This signed form must be brought to the first try-out a player attends.  Players will not be permitted on the field without a signed form.


Try-out schedules posted to the 2020 Travel Try-outs tab.


Late registrations are permitted:  If registering after 11:59 pm on Monday, June 15th, you must contact Carey Lambros at in order to attend the next scheduled try-out for your age group.  Walk ups are not permitted this year.



Update 6/8/2020

Fallston Soccer try-outs will begin June 18th.  The schedule will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

All players who plan to attend Fallston Soccer travel team try-outs must be registered in the system by the end of the day on Monday, June 15th.  Walk-up registrations will NOT be accepted this year.  Please make sure you and your friends are signed up.  You can find the link at the top of our webpage: .

Look for a try-out information sheet to be published this week on our website and Facebook page.

If you need new equipment, don’t forget you can save 25% on your order from SoccerPost by using the code: fallstonjune.

Families planning on playing in our in-house divisions (non-travel) still have plenty of time to register before August 1st.

We look forward to seeing you on the fields soon!

Thank you,

-Fallston Soccer


Update 6/2/2020

As we begin June during this global pandemic, we are dedicated to putting your family's safety first.  Fallston Soccer continues to be committed to in-person, contact try-outs in order to form travel teams.  We are aware that many programs in our area are holding no-contact or virtual try-outs, however we believe there are critical factors in the try-out process that can't be properly measured without contact play.  We believe waiting for restrictions to lift presents the most fair way to build travel teams.  Current restrictions still require groups of 9 players to 1 coach and no contact.  The introduction of "limited contact" in Govenor Hogan's last press conference permitted soccer to move into US Soccer's Play on Phase 1 (link below) for the safe return to play.

Although we typically hold try-outs the first week of June, we do not begin practices until July during a normal season. Last week's press conference by Governor Hoagn implied that Maryland's numbers are trending positively more quickly than anyone originally imagined.  We remain optimistic that restrictions will be lifted in plenty of time to have a meaningful try-out process followed by a great season for our kids.  Our teams continue to remain competitive with other local programs.  We have a strong community atmosphere where kids play with their friends for a much lower cost than any other program in our area.   We continue to believe that our kids will not miss out if we wait a little longer. Should contact restrictions drag on into the summer, we will form teams using alternate measures.

At this time, Fallston Soccer recommends any player interested in playing travel begin to register.  We see information changing daily and we are prepared to move quickly when new information becomes available. Plans have been made to meet our players' needs and we will continue to update you via email, on our website, and on our Facebook page.

We've secured as special offer from Soccer Post for all in-store and online purchases.  You're invited to enjoy 25% off your order for the entire month of June.  Use the code fallstonjune at checkout.

Thank you,

-Fallston Soccer


Update 5/21/2020

Fallston Soccer registration remains open.  We are not applying urgency for players to register but we want to provide an update for where our program stands as we prepare for the fall soccer season.

Our In-House program (non-travel) remains on schedule to close its registration in early August.  These teams typically begin practice in August. 

Fallston Soccer's travel team try-outs are still on hold as we wait for the restrictions on contact to lift.  As soon as contact restrictions are lifted, we will move quickly to set and announce travel try-outs.

If try-outs are not schedule in June, we will invite all players registered for travel to attend optional birth year work-outs/skill sessions beginning in July.  More information will be sent out at the end of June to registered players who have checked the "yes" to travel.

Fallston Soccer feels there is time to wait before building travel teams.  We believe that in-person try-outs are the most fair and best way to place players.  We do not believe it is time to explore virtual try-outs or placement based on past participation.  Should the current restrictions on contact continue, at the end of July we will lay out our plans for more unconventional travel team selection.  We ask you to remain patient in the interest of player safety and in the interest of the best possible and fairest way to build teams.

If things change, we will update this distribution list, our website, and our Facebook page.  Fallston Soccer plans on being flexible to create the best possible soccer season for our players given whatever guidelines are in place.  Please reach out to any board member should you have questions.

Thank you,

-Fallston Soccer


Update 5/4/2020

Typically, travel try outs occur at the end of May and early June. In-House (non-travel) wait lists will form in late July and late registration will close in mid-August.


We are currently following the guidelines for public safety and will continue in this holding pattern until we get more information about the start date for youth sports.


As a program, Fallston Soccer remains committed to offering fair and open try-outs for our travel teams.  Once the opening date for youth sports is announced, we will make an effort to hold travel try-outs about two weeks from that date.  We will post the 2020 travel try-out schedule on this website.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to a board member if you have questions.


Stay safe!  We can't wait to see you on the fields soon!



Information on 2020 travel soccer and tryout dates, times, and locations will be posted when locations/times are determined sometime in May.  2019 Travel try-out information can be found HERE 

In order to try out for travel soccer, you must be registered.

If you are interested in rec soccer, please sign up early to avoid wait lists that occur as we get closer to the season.

Anybody who registers before the end of April will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free Adidas Core Advantage II backpack packed with Fallston Soccer aparel inside.



2/18/2020 As you plan your summer camps, Soccer Source 360 is again holding two camps in our area this summer for players age 5 to 12.

When:  July 13 – 17 & July 27 – 31

Camp Hours: 9 am to Noon

Location: Reckord Road Park

Early Registration is now open.  Cost $150

Camp information:

(This camp is not sponsored by the Fallston Rec Council)

“Soccer Source 360 believes children need to play!  Soccer Source 360 believes soccer players make memories, friends, and values that last a lifetime.  Soccer Source 360 believes personal growth occurs through team participation.  Join us, this summer!”

“This longevity and footprint establishes accountability, and gives you peace of mind. We believe players, coaches, and parents can expect a day camp to deliver development through a balanced approach that is built on fun challenges.  SS360 coaches are certified, have experience playing the game at a high level, and work with youth soccer players throughout the year.”

Soccer Source 360 Camp



2019 Fallston Soccer is pleased to announce a new format for our U-7 boys and girls in-house teams.  

The players using this format in 2019 are the players graduating from our clinic program.  Fallston Soccer continues to put the kids first by implementing 4v4 soccer, we are following the “best practice” trends in the United States and around the world.

The 4v4 model:

  • Fewer players will instill confidence and that will result in more touches
  • Less coaching more playing
  • More exposure to defending and attacking situations
  • Game is less complicated
  • Encourages quick decision making
  • Provides opportunity to develop creative play
  • Players have more opportunities to score goals

 How it will be played:

  • No referees, coaches will be on the field
  • No score
  • No goalies
  • Same size field as clinic
  • Size 4 soccer ball
  • No throw ins – play will resume from a kick-in
  • Teams of approximately 10 players are created and practice together. On game day, they divide in half to play their opponent who does the same.
  • (4) 10 minute games, substitutions on the fly
  • The 'half teams' play simultaneously on side-by-side fields
  • “Ladder Game” format will be used where teams shift after 10 minutes for a new opponent

Brief op-ed from Soccer Coach Weekly on value of 4v4:


Fallston Soccer News


On Tuesday, September 25 2018, we hosted John O'Sullivan from Changing the Game Project for a discussion on youth sports at Fallston High School.  If you missed the parent discussion, click HERE to watch a video of the event.

This article, "What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes a Great One" is a great read anytime.

This video about youth sports is one of our favorites.  Please take a few minutes to watch it.


Cup field








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